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This kit includes

Student activity book: A Monster-Sized Hunger

An activity book that explores the categories in Canada’s Food Guide.

(You can download the English version and order the French version only)



A supplement to the activity book that introduces Canada’s Food Guide.

(French Only)


Blue background, robot, food items

Video: The Balanced Plate

A short video on the balanced plate from Canada’s Food Guide.

Monster eating an apple

Video: Taking the Time to Eat

A short video on one of the key messages of Canada’s Food Guide: taking the time to eat.

Illustrated monster in a kitchen eating a blueberry

Video: Enjoying Food

A short video on one of the key messages of Canada’s Food Guide: enjoying food.

(French Only)

Monster with food and kitchen accessories all over the page

Video: The Joy of Cooking

A short video on one of the key messages of Canada’s Food Guide: the joy of cooking.

(French Only)

Two monsters and outline of a boy's body showing inside his stomach FR

Video: Hunger and Fullness

A short video on the concepts of hunger and fullness.

(French Only)

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