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Module 1: Supporting Young Eaters

Supporting Young Eaters focuses on the important role educators play in the way children learn to approach food and eating. Discover best practises for feeding young children and explore common feeding concerns. Meals and snacks can be some of the most enjoyable parts of your day!  



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Module 2: Learning Together with Food

Learning Together with Food is all about engaging with the many roles of food for ourselves, others, and our world. Discover four pathways to food literacy and gather ideas on how to learn with and alongside the children in your care.

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Module 3: Menu Planning

You’ve told our team that you would like support with menu planning in child care settings, and we have listened! Our Registered Dietitians are busy developing new content and practical resources for a menu planning module that we expect to launch in 2024. 

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Mealtime Roles in Early Childhood Poster

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